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Tom  Stephens
School Maintenance Department

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Maintenance Supervisor

   Born in Oneida, Tennessee and raised in Virginia Beach, Virginia as a Navy brat. I returned to Tennessee while in high school and graduated from Scott High School in Huntsville, Tennessee in 1983.

   I have two children - Thomas   and Sarah . Sarah gave birth to my first grandson, Rory, on Christmas Eve, 2015.

I am married to that FRYSCKY Tammy Stephens .

   I am a U.S. Army veteran with over 22 years of service split between Active Duty and Army National Guard, having served in three countries on two continents. I have trained for, and served in, a variety of occupational areas including Armourer, Postal, Maintenance, Track and Wheeled Vehicle Recovery and Military Police as well as Basic Combat Arms.

   I started at WISD in the Spring of 2003 as a substitute teacher and as a tutor with the Y.O.U. Program. I began my assignment as the AIMS / ISS Instructor with the 2003 - 2004 school year. I was unable to complete that first school year due to my National Guard Unit being activated and deployed overseas. With that obligation complete, I returned to WISD in January 2006 and resumed my position as the AIMs / ISS Instructor.  In addition to my AIMs duties I also assisted the DPP and the Attendance Clerk as well as performing disciplinary data entry.


     In 2012 I moved into Food Services as the Cafeteria Manager and then in 2014 I took on additional duties as the Food Service Director.

     At the end of the 2014-2015 school year I transitioned once again, leaving Food Services and taking on the responsibilities of Inside Maintenance Supervisor. 

My hobbies include Hiking, Kayak Fishing and Leatherworking and I am an history enthusiast with one foot firmly planted in the 18th century.

      "...set him in the midst of a boundless forest, a thousand miles from an inhabitant, he is by no means at a loss, nor in the smallest degree dismayed. With his rifle he procures his subsistence; with his tomahawk he erects his shelter, his wigwam his house, or whatever habitation, he may choose to reside in; he drinks at the crystal spring, or the nearest brook; his wants are all easily supplied, he is contented, he is happy!"

J.F.D. Smyth, "A Tour of the United States of America" 1784