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Abbott, Mike HS/MS Dean
Byrd, Dennis Superintendent
Connell, Loren Director of Instruction
Cordell, Glenna ELE Guidance Counselor
Foley, Edwin Maintenenance Director
Hale, Dana Special Education Director
Higginbotham, David Chief Financial Officer
Jones, Aimee MS/HS Guidance Counselor
Lowrie, Tammy Media Center Specialist
Maxey, Mike Center for Progressive Education Director
Mosley, Steve District Technology Coordinator / Chief Information Officer
Peters, Gary Principal
Prewitt, Ralph Transportaion Director
Stephens, Tammy Family Resource Center Director
Young, Stephen Elementary Dean
Robinson, Patrick Director of Pupil Personnel

Apple, Sharon ELE Special Education
Baker, Suzanne Title 1 Reading
Callahan, Beth HS Business/Spanish
Chumley, Jennifer First Grade/Senior Sponsor
Conn, William Sixth Grade
Connell, Paula HS/MS Family and Consumer Science
Creekmore, Michelle First Grade
Crider, Angela Second Grade
Croley, Misty ELE Special Education
Doan, Penny Preschool
Elliot, Susan HS Science
Ellis, Andrea HS Math / Girls Basketball
Fields, Karen MS/HS Art
Fink, Coach High School AP and Honors History
Harrington, Bernie HS Language Arts
Harris, John Physical Education
Harrison, Leah Second Grade
Harrison, Maria HS Language Arts
Hatcher, Vaughn HS Special Education
Herron, Jerry Special Education / HC Football
Herron, Sandra ELE Special Ed
Higginbotham, Lora Second Grade
Jackson, Maggie Kindergarten
Jackson, Natasha ELE Special Education
Jones, Matt ELE Math Intervention
Judd, Meg Fourth / Fifth Grade
Lawson, Gina MS Reading
Lowe, Rebecca Kindergarten
Mack, Brooke Preschool
Mack, Joy HS Social Studies
Mahan, Joanna PreSchool
Mattingly, Todd MS Social Studies / Football Coach
Maxey, Diana MS Language Arts
Melton, Jackie HS/MS Arts and Humanities / Choir
Moses, Steven HS Special Education
Mountjoy, John HS Social Studies / Science
Patrick, Josh 4th Grade Science/Social Studies
Powers, Jessica Kindergarten
Reed, Sherry Third Grade / HS Cheerleading
Reeves, Brittany Fourth / Fifth Grade
Shelton, Candy Speech Pathologist
Shelton, Della Third Grade
Siler, Jenniefer MS Math
Smith, Charlotte Third Grade
Steely, John HS / MS Math and Science
Stewart, Kristy HS Science
Sudduth, Shawn Band
Sulfridge, Jessica Fourth / Fifth Grade
Taylor, Larry MS Special Education
Thompson, Tammy Sixth Grade
Walden, Donna First Grade
West, Ginnie ELE Special Education
Williams, Joy HS English
Williams, Justin HS Mathematics
Woods, Darrell ELE Physical Education
Woods, Theresa Fourth / Fifth Grade

Ballew, Jessica Custodian
Breedlove, Michelle Kindergarten Aide
Brooks, Keisha Office Secretary
Bryant, Angela Kindergarten Aide
Bryant, Patty Family Resource Center
Eddy, Betty Title1/ Special Ed. Secretary
Ewing, Stephanie ELE Special Education Aide
Fritts, Maxine Bookstore / Food Service Manager
Gentry, Kristen Kindergarten Aide
Haynes, Connie Special Education Aide
Haynes, Novella Special Education Aide
Hendrix, Daryl Transportation
Kleiser, Sheila Bridges
Kysar, Nikki Media Specialist Aide
Lewis, Annetta Tax Office/ Finance Secretary
Loudermelt, Deb Office Aide
Martin, Rachel PreSchool Aide
Norris, Shawna PreSchool Aide
Pettit, Connie Superintendent Secretary
Prewitt, Jason Transportation
Siler, Pat PreSchool Special Education Secretary
Stephens, Tom Cafeteria Director
Teague, Laura Preschool Aide
Tomblinson, Pam Principal Secretary
Walker, Renee Attendance Clerk
Wright, Vicky HS/MS Gudance Secretary

Schwartz, Ann PTO