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Tammy Thompson Staff Photo
Tammy  Thompson
Middle School Mathematics
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     As of this year, I have 18 years, and counting, of education behind me.  I graduated from University of the Cumberland's, but when I graduated, their mascot was an Indian and their name was Cumberland College.  I graduated with an undergraduate degree, Bachelor of Science in Education with two post graduated degrees, a Master's and Rank 1.  I have two wonderful kids, and three beautiful grandchildren that love toys and open spaces to explore the unknown.  Even though I have two kids, I feel as if I have many more.  My heart is also with the kids I work with and I do what I can to help them see a future in themselves.  I feel like my school is my second home.  Therefore, I take pride in the work I do for my kids.  Outside of school, I enjoy relaxing but I also enjoy going to school events to support and cheer for our kids that have participated in extra-curricular activities.  All of these things may describe a little about me, but you'll never truly understand my work and passion until you are in my class! My hope for this year is to Reach for Excellence in every aspect.

Go Jackets!!