Technology Overview 

Technology plays a major role within the Williamsburg Independent School District (WISD). Technology integration creates an environment where teachers and students become more proficient in using a wide variety of hardware and software tools to enhance learning, problem solving, communication, and productivity. We believe enhancing education through technology will greatly improve the overall “playing field” for our students by providing an opportunity to develop lifelong learning skills by accessing information, and by understanding and communicating through the use of technology. Students at all grade levels and curriculum should be positively impacted by receiving the educational experiences through technology and shall develop their abilities to become self-sufficient individuals. Through the daily use of technology, teachers will be able to provide learning opportunities for all students that encourages them to apply the skills and knowledge they gain to solve real-life problems in a dynamic world.


WISD Technology Plan.....

The Williamsburg Independent School District utilizes an approved Technology Plan that has met the Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) standards and the initiatives defined in the KETS Master Technology Plan. The overall goal of the WISD Technology Plan is to promote, drive, and integrate the use of technology into the daily classroom instruction that ensures students graduating from WISD will be prepared for higher education, the military and / or the modern workforce.


WISD Technology Department Goals…..

·    Enhance the educational experience for all students and teachers through the daily use of technology resources and high quality educational applications.

·    Provide a secure, stable and user friendly network environment while maintaining a robust and flexible infrastructure.

·    Establish and maintain a continuous improvement process that complies with or exceeds the KDE / KETS standards while staying within budget.


Recent Technology Accomplishments…… Spring 2010 to present.

·    WISD recently implemented a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program. The WISD Board of Education supports school efforts in students using personal owned technology devices, while on or off school property, during attendance at school sponsored or school related events provided the student observes the conditions as defined within WISD BYOD Policy. (Only High School students’ grade levels 9-12 shall be allowed to use personal owned electronic devices. Middle School students’ grade levels 6, 7 & 8 shall not be allowed to use personal owned electronic devices at this time. The District will evaluate the ability to incorporate the Middle School grade levels in the near future.)

·    The District recently completed a new school addition that included administrative offices and 13 new instructional classrooms and one (1) large computer lab and one (1) small business lab. The Preschool and Kindergarten occupies 6 classrooms, while the remaining classrooms are occupied by the English / Language Arts department, Practical Living / Consumer Sciences department, and various Special Education departments. All new addition classrooms are equipped with the latest instructional audio and video equipment, interactive whiteboards, I-Rovers mobile instructional units and the most up-to-date computer systems utilizing grade level educational software applications.

·    The new building addition utilizes the latest KETS approved structured cabling system consisting of 120,000 feet of Cat 6 10GX cable, 248 data drops, 96 port Avaya GX (POE) network switches, 16 dual radio wireless access points, and a Avaya 8100 wireless security switch. The data network in the new building addition is be connected to the data network in the existing building with new multi-mode or single-mode fiber optic cable as required. Projected completed April 2012.

·    The District replaced 100% of the Cat 5e network cabling system in the existing K-12 building with KETS approved structured cabling system consisting of 196,000 feet of Cat 6 10GX cable, 711 data drops, 16 48 port Avaya GX power over Ethernet (POE) switches, 32 single radio wireless access points, and a Avaya 2882 wireless security switch. All network equipment frames are connected using multi-mode or single-mode fiber optic cable as required. Projected completed January 2012.

·    Opened a new instructional computer lab equipped with 25 computers utilizing grade level educational software in the new addition.

·    Implemented new Tandberg video conferencing system to enhance instruction and provide distance learning opportunities, virtual field trips, professional development, and student collaboration with professors / instructors at Eastern Kentucky University and the University of Louisville. Fall of 2011.

·    Implemented new informative district web site with web hosting company (School-in-sites.com) to improve communications with parents, students, teachers and the community. Spring of 2011.

·    Implemented grade level instructional software such as SuccessMaker, I-Station, Earobics, Gizmo and other software applications that provide evidence-based data as a basis for changes to either curricula or method of instruction. Fall of 2008 thru spring 2013.

·    Implemented hosted versions of Renaissance Learning’s Accelerated Reader and Accelerated Math educational programs that provide evidence-based data. Summer and fall of 2012.


WISD Technology Department Staff & Responsibilities……

The WISD Technology Staff consists of the DTC / CIO, and approximately 10% support from the WISD DPP. Job responsibilities are as follows:

·    Implementation & administration of the Kentucky Education Technology System (KETS) and project initiatives

·    Network administration, engineering, planning, security, user training & systems functionality

·    Accountable for daily activities of Enterprise network consisting 36 networked or web hosted user applications, 9 district servers, 336 workstations, and approximately 1000 users.

·    Implementation & administration of the WISD Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Program

·    Financial planning & forecasting for district-wide technology initiatives

·    Network Technician job duties - Manage approximately 350 yearly Technology work orders

·    Technology Integration Specialist (TIS) / Technology Resource Teacher (TRT) job duties

·    Provide technology Professional Development (PD) for all District faculty & staff

·    Server & workstation maintenance / repairs

·    Hardware & software evaluation, purchasing & inventory

·    Contract & vendor management

·    Phone system maintenance / moves / repairs

·    Computer imaging

·    Systems Data Backup

·    Asset tracking

·    E-Rate application filing process

·    ISTE / NETS Standards for Students, Teachers, & Administrators

·    KDE Technology Standard 10 & 6 for all Teachers

·    Technology standards testing for 8th & 12th grades

·    WISD Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) to all K-12 students

·    Digital Citizenship (9 elements) material to all grade levels 4 to 12.

·    Digital Drivers License for all MS & HS students

·     Internet Safety program for all grade levels 4 to 12.

·     Deployment of Live@EDU / Office 365 / SkyDrive to all District students Grades 4 – 12 grades

·     Etc……..