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Technology Tidbits 


Google Certification Level 1 

Exam Details:

  • 3 hours to complete
  • 1st part - 20 multiple choice, drag and drop questions
  • 2nd part - 11 scenerios, each with 1 to 4 tasks
  • Sample questions

Google Certification Site

Google Topics for Certification

 Level 1 Matrix



Registering for the Google Certification Exam
Please do this day before we are scheduled to take the exam

Register with exam with school email address

Cost is $10.00

Confirmation email from

Google will send login credientials usually within about 20 mins but could be 24 hours (email from

You have 7 days to use 

Exam must be taken on a computer with a webcam

After exam email from with results




Google Sites

Example Google Sites Classroom Page


Shared Google Forms