For Computer Science/Virtual Reality Students



We have an hour and a half block everyday, and it will be busy. Within this block, we will do our CSP course from PLTW and  the VR curriculum from Lobaki. The first fifty minutes of class will be dedicated to CSP. The last forty minutes will be dedicated to VR.

  1. For CSP, please go to Your login is your email and school password. If you have trouble logging in, let me know as soon as possible through Remind or by email. I will update you on which components to complete through Remind or Infinite Campus.
  2. For VR, go to this link and sign-up for an account:

The order of instruction for VR is generally:

  1. Lobaki Online Academy
  2. Intro to Unreal Engine 4
  3. UE4: The L.A.B.
  4. UE4: Blueprints
  5. Unreal Engine 4: Extended Learning
  6. Blender
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