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STOP Tipline Info

To Request A Transcript:

Please call or email our office. Required information includes your name, date of birth, year(s) attended and Graduation year, if applicable. There is no charge. Please have available a fax or address where it needs to be sent.  

Enrollment Information:

 Any student(s) who currently resides in the city limits of Williamsburg who wishes to enroll in Williamsburg Independent School District can make an appointment with the Guidance office with their parent/guardian to begin the enrollment process. Alternatively, you can enroll your student via Infinite Campus if you do not have any other students in our district. Student(s) must be withdrawn from their previous school beforehand. High school students will need a copy of their transcript. Middle and High school students should bring a current copy of their schedule.

Out of District Students:

Any student(s) who currently resides outside the city (school) limits, should contact the guidance office prior to withdrawing from their current school. A  request will be sent to the sending school to check attendance, behavior and academic records. The principal, dean and counselor decide acceptance based on this information.

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Aimee Jones, Counselor Grades 6-12

Phone: 606-549-6044 x113

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Crystal Rains, Registrar

Phone 606-549-6044 x112

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Gina Lawson, Counselor Grades PreK-5th

Phone 606-549-6044 x114

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